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The opening ceremony and press conference of the Viridarium-complex in Szigetszentmiklós organised by ICE and BudapesEvent was hold on 1st Oktober with more than 200 participants. supported ICE Budapest (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade) to create the promotion activities of Viridarium Hungary, the biggest Italian wholesale and logistic center of flowers and plants in Eastern Europe was created with the aim of providing innovative services to its clients. Viridarium is the place where one can find the widest possible range of best quality Italian flower products concentrated to one single place: cut flowers, leafy plants, Mediterranean plants, herb plants, house plants and garden plants. The press conference and the official opening ceremony with prominent participants both Italian and Hungarian sides was followed by a reception in the main hall of the Viridarium-complex.

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The European Envelope MAnufacturers Association (FEPE) hold its 51st annual Congress in the beautiful city of Prague with the professional DMC support of EventinPrague.

25-27 September 2008 with 110 participants had the pleasure to organise the 51st FEPE (European Envelope Manufacturers Association) annual Congress including all DMC services. FEPE is an international association representing 55 companies located around Europe who are directly or indirectly involved in the paper envelope manufacturing sector. Its objective is to support, defend and promote the envelope industry in Europe, “Because first impressions secure your message” as its motto says.



14-16th September 2088 the 2nd ‘ThermoDynaMix Workshop’ took place in Barcelona with the aim of building a community database of thermodynamic parameters for mantle minerals. organized the “ThermoDynaMix II Workshop 2008” at Eurostar Hotel Angli (Barcelona) from 14th to 16 th September 2008. The ThermoDynaMix Workshops were set up to address the pressing need within the Solid Earth Geophysics community for publicly available, reliable, and internally consistent  thermodynamic  databases for mantle minerals. The event was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain and the National Reserach Council of Spain (CSIC). EventinBarcelona was responsible for the organization and management of all the services.



“Happy Hour”, the social networking event of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL) was hold for the 4th time on 17th September 2008.

The 4th social networking event "Happy Hour CCITABEL" has been successfully organized in Brussels 17th September 2008 by in collaboration with the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL).



LSI, the leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies hold his annual partner conference between 7-12th September 2008 in Prague.

7-12th September 2008 has successfully organized the LSI StoreAge 2008 Partner Conference with 190 participants in the Czech capital. LSI is known worldwide as a storage market leader. Its silicon-to-systems solutions empower disk drives with the intelligence, flexibility, speed and reliability needed for high-capacity storage across every market segment. The main venues of the event were the Hilton Hotel Prague*****, Zofin Palace, Kampa Museum, and the Olympia and Mlynec restaurants.


3rd "Happy Hour CCITABEL”

“Happy Hour”, the social networking event of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL) was held for the 3rd time on 9th July 2008.

The 3rd social networking event "Happy Hour CCITABEL” has been successfully held in Brussels on 9 July 2008, organized by in collaboration with the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL).

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