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Eventonetwork News


“HAPPY HOUR” Budapest for CCIU and BCCH

19th June 2008 organized a joyful social event for the Italian and the British Chambers of Commerce in Hungary in the beautiful venue “Bújdosó Juhász”.

19th June 2008 the social networking event of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Hungary in cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary was held in the Restaurant Búsuló Juhász. The restaurant opened in 1937 as a rest-house. From that time it has developed to an elegant restaurant with the unique speciality that in the course of eating and drinking their dinner in the rooms or on the terraces, guests can enjoy the fascinating panorama of Budapest.



BudapestEvent was pleased to organise a conference and a gala dinner for CEU (Central European University Budapest) with the special attendance of Mr George Soros.
helped the Central European University in Budapest with the organization of the conference: "The qualities of old and new democracies". As special guest attended the event George Soros (Soros György), the famous Hungarian currency speculator, stock investor, businessman, philantropist and liberal political activist who provided Europe's largest ever higher education endowment to Central European University in Budapest. The event was closed by a gala dinner.


2nd "Happy Hour CCITABEL”

“Happy Hour”, the social networking event of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL) was held for the 2nd time on 18th June 2008.

Another success for the second appointment with the the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce “Happy Hour”. 18th June 2008 organised a new networking opportunity in the European capital.



In June 2008 was held the pharmaceutical workshop “Drugs for the Patients or for the Industry?” in the Institute for Italian Culture in Budapest. The promotion of the event was organized by Eventonetwork.

16th June 2008 was organized the Pharmaceutical Workshop "Drugs for the Patients or for the Industry?" in Budapest in the Institute for Italian Culture. supported the Italian Embassy in Budapest an ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade) for the promotion of the event. On the workshop the lecturers (renowned experts of the pharmaceutics) spoke about new methods in the pharmacy, newest active ingredients and about connections between research and therapy practice.



EventinBarcelona offers several great possibilities to enrich your event in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

The Catalan capital with its beauty and artistic treasures attracts visitors in every period of the year. is glad to be at your disposal for your next event in the city in a lot of ways, such as:
- Architecture & Design-tour
- Treasure Hunt : “The Gymchana Gaudì”
- Barcelona’s Hundred Years Old Firms
- Shopping Tours With A Personal Shopper
- Gourmet Tour, Shopping, Cooking & Eating



MOEZ hold its 1st German-Hungarian Conference on Research for Sustainability in Budapest. Budapestevent was responsable for the organization of the successful event.

10-11th June 2008, in the traditional Hotel Gellért in Budapest the Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe (MOEZ) held the 1st German-Hungarian Conference on Research for Sustainability. The presentations of the bilateral conference were dealing with the interaction of sustainable development and innovation policy, environmental and water technologies  and the potential of the renewable energy resources. BudapestEvent was responsible for the venue, the catering, technical equipments of the 2-days conference and for the accommodation of the participants.

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